Best of 2021 Travel Podcast Episodes

As 2021 draws to a close, and we welcome 2022, we’re looking back on the past year of The Travel Podcast and our top episodes according to you, our listeners. 


From glistening waters in the Caribbean, slowing down time in the Maldives and the glitz and glamour of Sin City, inspiration has come from every corner of the world.


Check out the Top 10!

1. Antigua & Barbuda: Far more than you'd expect and loved by celebrities

Antigua and Barbuda are sister islands located just 27 miles from each other in the Caribbean Sea. In this episode, the Travel Podcast team is joined by a special guest and expert on this destination. Hear about the incredible sights found on these islands, plus we are joined by a live studio audience!

Listen here.


2. Travelling the world after lockdown

Our pilot episode made the Top 10, as the team discuss destinations they were heading too after lockdown. Drawing inspiration for the following year, we hear about some far-flung destinations as well as some firm favourites of the team. 


3. Las Vegas; What happens in Vegas...

Viva Las Vegas! From helicopter flights over the strip, visiting the Grand Canyon and the lesser-known attractions of the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll hear all the top tips for planning your trip to Las Vegas.

4.  Dubai: A sun-soaked metropolis like no other

When you think of Dubai, heat, shopping and beach spring to mind first. But in this episode, The Travel Podcast team welcomes Shahab from Tourism Dubai to learn that this bustling city is so much more. 

Listen here.



5.  Australia: Your first time down under

Australia is one of the most popular long haul destinations but with so many options, so many great things to see and do, where do you start?

In this episode, we give you an insight into what could be the perfect first trip for anyone heading to Australia, for the very first time.

6. Thailand: Undeniably an incredible destination!

In this episode, The Travel Podcast team are joined by 2 guests to delve deeper into Thailand and the beauty of its landscapes, the key attractions and the ideal first-time itinerary. From incredible street food, the amazing wildlife and the lesser-known areas that allow you to experience true Thai culture.

7. Exploring Santa Monica, California!

Home to the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, the end of Route 66, eight walkable neighbourhoods, a beautiful beach and world-class dining options, and located only a short distance from LA’s international airport, all this makes Santa Monica the perfect base for those looking to explore LA.

Find Your Santa Monica Soul - Santa Monica, California

8. Italian Mini Series: Puglia, the heart of the Mediterranean

We are exploring Puglia, Italy and discovering what this stunning region of Italy has to offer visitors. From UNESCO world heritage sites, breathtaking coastlines, countryside and much more.... and to take us on this journey we’re joined by two special guests Alfredo and Gino from Puglia Tourism.


9. Maldives: For celebrities and YOU!

The Maldives is seen as one of the more luxurious destinations of the world, and with outstanding accommodation, food and service, it creates an exclusivity that cannot be matched. But it doesn't have to cost a fortune to travel there, with affordable resorts to meet everyone’s needs (165 resorts to be exact), could the Maldives be next on your travel list?

10. Japan: Land of the rising sun, 6,500 islands, incredible culture and more

A destination previously seen as just for adventure, Japan has spent a long time preserving its incredible culture and traditions, now offering up an array of different holiday types to embark on. From its history, shrines and temples to amazing art and unique wildlife, there's something for every taste.



We will be kicking off 2022 with a brand new episode going live on 2nd January 2022 all about the travel trends we predict for the year coming! You won't want to miss out. 

Need inspiration before then? Check out previous episodes of The Travel Podcast!

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