Booking Late: Is It Worth It?

Booking Early vs. Booking Late: What's Right For You?

Fact: holiday companies prefer you to book your holiday early. This is because, with their hotels and cruise cabins filled, they can sit back and anticipate a successful year of sales. 

At the start of the year, you may remember me talking about Peaks. This is when the travel companies release a wave of new destinations and offerings for the following year and beyond.

Why Love Early-Bird Bookings

These early-bird Peaks deals are perfect for travellers with specific preferences regarding hotels, room types, cabins, and itineraries. Booking early gives you the widest selection possible, ensuring you secure the perfect holiday tailored to your specifications.

So if you’ve got somewhere specific in mind, a Peaks early-bird booking is for you.

Better Late Than Never?

On the flip side, if you're more of a spontaneous traveller or simply find yourself lacking in the organisation department, a last-minute or 'Late' deal might be just what you need. 

By waiting until the eleventh hour to book your holiday, you open up to a world of unexpected opportunities and unbeatable bargains. Putting holiday power and big savings in your hands.

In 2024, Good Things Come To Those Who LATE

The travel industry has now transitioned from the Peak period to 'Lates,' which usually runs through May and June.

This year, it's predicted that there will be a massive amount of late deals to be had, as the Big 3 have put many more holidays on sale compared to 2023. Which means there'll be lots of potential unsold places.

Plus, if the Big 3 reduce the cost of their holidays, other travel companies are forced to do the same to stay competitive.

Great, so now you know there's going to be a huge amount of bargains out there. But how do you find a holiday you really want to go on?

The Choice Is Still Yours

You might think that just because you're booking late, you won't have much say in where you're going. But you do. There are loads of offers out there right now but you need me to find the right deal for you. 

If you can get away over the coming months, simply let me know where you'd generally like to go, who you're travelling with and I'll keep eyes and ears to the ground to find you a spectacular late bargain!

Feeling Lucky?

When booking your late adventure with me, you can forget all of the holiday admin and embrace your spontaneous side while making the most of my travel industry expertise. 

Who knows where you'll end up? But wherever you find yourself, as your personal travel consultant, I'll be available to help with the booking, boarding , and tips when you arrive.

Leave It Late With Me

If you're ready for a late adventure, contact me! Contact me today with your desired destination and budget, and let's make it happen!

Looking For Some Late Destination Inspiration?

Listen to our latest episode of The Travel Podcast, Secrets Of Cyprus, and check out our great Better Late Than Never deal with an award-winning hotel.

Or learn more about adventuring solo with First Dates' Cici Coleman.

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