Walt Disney World Dining Tips 2024

Welcome, fellow foodie adventurers, to the culinary wonderland that is Walt Disney World!

Beyond the thrilling rides and enchanting characters, Disney offers a gastronomic journey like no other. Today, we’re diving into the delicious world of Disney snacks and dining, uncovering the best value treats and insider hacks to make your visit truly magical. Calories don’t count in Disney!

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Unveiling Disney's Delicious Dining & Drinks

Mickey-Shaped Everything


From waffles to ice cream bars, there’s something irresistible about food shaped like Mickey Mouse. Not only are these treats adorable, but they're often reasonably priced, making them a perfect snack option for budget-conscious visitors.

Epcot's International Flavour Extravaganza


Epcot's World Showcase is a paradise for foodies, offering a global buffet of flavours. Instead of sitting down for a full meal, consider snacking around the world, sampling small bites from different countries. This allows you to experience a variety of cuisines without breaking the bank.

Dole Whip Magic


A trip to Disney isn’t complete without indulging in a refreshing Dole Whip. This pineapple soft-serve treat is a fan favourite and can be found in several locations throughout the parks.

Pro-tip: Skip the long lines at Aloha Isle by grabbing your Dole Whip from the less crowded Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom.


Mobile Ordering Mastery


Say goodbye to waiting in line and hello to more time enjoying the parks. Disney’s mobile ordering feature allows you to skip the queue at select quick-service restaurants. Simply place your order through the My Disney Experience app and pick it up when it’s ready. It's a game-changer for maximising your time in the parks.

Hidden Gems and Secret Menus


Did you know that some Disney restaurants offer secret menu items not listed on the standard menu? For example, at Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbecue, you can ask for the "Loaded Fries" even though they're not advertised. Don’t be afraid to ask Cast Members about any off-menu items—they might just surprise you!

Photos by @themilliondollarmermaid https://www.instagram.com/themilliondollarmermaid/

Budget-Friendly Bites and Hacks

Snack Hack


Back after 5 long years! The free Drinks & Dining Plan will save you money on meals and snacks throughout your visit. These plans offer a fixed number of meals and snacks per day at a discounted rate, helping you budget your food expenses in advance.

BYOW (Bring Your Own Water)


Florida’s heat can be relentless, especially during the summer months. Save money on beverages by bringing your own refillable water bottle. Disney offers complimentary ice water at all counter service restaurants, allowing you to stay hydrated without spending a penny.

Shareable Portions


Many Disney meals are large enough to share between two people, making them a cost-effective option for dining. Consider splitting meals with a friend or family member to save money.

Pro tip! Sharing meals means you can try more tasty options during your visit! 

Off-Peak Dining


If your schedule allows, opt for dining during off-peak hours to take advantage of shorter wait times. Lunch menus often offer similar items to dinner menus at a fraction of the cost, making midday dining a savvy choice.

Sip and Save


Quench your thirst and save money with refillable souvenir cups and mugs available at various locations throughout the parks and resorts. The Refillable Resort Mug will be a dream come true. Available with the Disney Quick-Service and Disney Dining Plans.

Pro Tip! You can start the day with coffee, drink all day and finish with a cup of delicious hot chocolate! 

Walt Disney World Dining Tips 2024 - Not Just Travel Photos by @themilliondollarmermaid https://www.instagram.com/themilliondollarmermaid/

Save Big with Disney's Dine Around Offer

As you embark on your culinary adventure at Walt Disney World, after a five-year hiatus, the highly anticipated free dining and drinks offer has made its triumphant return to Walt Disney World Florida for guests staying at selected Disney resorts and arriving on specified dates in 2025.

To make the most of this magical opportunity, it's essential to plan ahead and take full advantage of the included dining options. Begin by booking your stay at one of the participating Disney resorts to unlock access to complimentary dining plans, which vary based on your resort category. Once your reservation is secured, meticulously plan your dining reservations to ensure you experience the best of Disney's culinary offerings without breaking the bank.

From character dining experiences to signature restaurants, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, maximise value by utilising your complimentary drink options, including refillable mugs and souvenir cups, to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout your visit.

By strategically planning your dining experiences and embracing the perks of the free dining and drinks offered, you'll create unforgettable memories while savouring the flavours of the most magical place on Earth.

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